Friday, June 19, 2009

ferry to oslo

On the boat to Oslo, very first eol-update.

Up until now, the riding has been smooth.. Even the sailing today is smooth. A gentle swell, and a luxury ferry with a lot of inboat entertainment. As i type this story i have an ipod plugged solidly in my ears, to block out the sounds of an highly-excited-bingolady (they even gave her a microphone to announce the numbers, the horror). A danish (or norwegian) class of high schools kids freely enjoying the cocktails here in the bar are clearly more entertained by her performance, and the bingo tickets sell like warm rolls (or something like that).

Just left the Netherlands the day before yesterday, and it already feels like ages. Spent a chillaxed last night with K, so the goodbye in the morning wasn't too hard. Never could have imagined when i made plans for this trip that i would ride with a ring on my finger. The way of the universe.

Before i finally left the country i already encountered some signs of motorcyclist-friendliness: first at a lawnmower-maintenace-place in a small town in Groningen. (Winsum, yep, look that up on google maps). He supplied me with the correct oil for my osco chain oiler from his own personal supply (he rides a Ducati multistrada). Kewl. And when i stopped at a gasstation, it didnt take long before a fellow motorcycle traveller stopped. He on his way to the Harz, me on my way north. Exchanged some friendly words and some good riding tips. One of his was this ferry. He didnt mention this bingo-thing though. Ahhw bummer.

Avoided the autobahn while riding through Germany, and ran into a lasergun and a possible speeding ticket while enjoying those backroads. Luckily the officerbloke just waved his hand to slow me down. Third good one that day.
Spent an uneventful night in Flensburg (worst thing happening was a hotel lady trying to charge me for parking. A motorcycle. Tss, humorless german women (that's an oxymoron i think).
I had a beautiful day the nexy day riding: sun, slightly sloped dunes, a quiet road with even some curves, lots of horizons in colourly green and gentle yellow. A relaxing trip. West coast of Denmark comes recommended. There is even a road on the beach itself, but lazy me had such a lie in in the morning that i never made it there. Might have been good in hindsight: knowing me, i would have road it enthousiastically and i can't imagine all that salty seawater being a good thing for GaneSh. Never had been to Denmark before (dont ask), but the people strike me as a friendly bunch.

And now, the ferry to Oslo. No tough traveller stories of rusted old ships, keeling boats, smelling drunk captains (only those highschoolkids).. just a logistically smooth operated ship with a casino, lots of shops, more restaurants and a zillion huts on board. And internet!. There is a god.. ;)

Hope you all are doing well, and please feel free to donate me a tank of gas: all the money goes to war child.

love, M


Blogger Martine said...

Ik zie dat je al aardig opschiet! heb net al de foto's ontdekt, net besloten dat we volgend jaar naar Noorwegen gaan. Check je site iedere dag en leef met je mee.

June 27, 2009 7:21 AM  

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