Mjos' Travel 2009

It was somewhere on my trip to Ladakh and Kashmir in 2003. I was enfielding happily along an indian road when it suddenly hit me: " There is no other way " .  

For me there is no better way to travel than while riding a bike.  After this realization i went for a solo trip through India, Nepal , went Tibet, came back to Delhi and life was never the same again..  During my training as an anesthesiologist the past five years, the itch never left. And now i'm on the road again.

The original plan: the silk route. Due to some irregularities imho not compatible with woman-solo-travel, the route is now slightly modified to "the Mjos' way round": Via Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia and 'the Stans' round to Turkey and then via southern Europe home. Me and my bike., GaneSh. 

On this page you can follow where i am, read my dutch or english travelblog, see if i uploaded any new pictures, or donate me some beer or gasolin. All the earnings of the latter go to War Child.

Because, as i wrote in 2004, "most of the people one meets while traveling deal with more traumas every day than the privileged among us meet in a lifetime." . Let's support those people.

(copyright Mjos, mjos@marjos.nl.)