GaneSh 02

GaneSh, BMW  F 800GS, built 2008

A personalized bike: when i realised in spring-summer 2008 that i wanted to go and do this ride, i figured i needed a tad lighter bike than Bafana, my faithful bmw 1100 GS. Entrez the F800 GS, a bike the germans seemed to have built for this purpose. 

But after a highly colourful Bafana, i knew a wouldnt settle for an 'ordinary' 800-look. Inspired as i was by India, my sister came with the idea to name it GaneSh, after the happy hindugod, protector of all, the remover of obstacles for travellers. I had lots of ideas but didnt seem to be able to translate them to a motorcycle, so i called in the help of B-art. 

He came up with the final design: a GaneSh, styled consisting of all the names for GaneSh written in hindi, on the 'tank' (real tank is below saddle). An 'Ohm' sign on the sides: Ohm is the beginsound of all existence (and of the GaneSh mantra). The side panels covered with sari-print, like sari cloth laid over it. The name styled on the beak. And, a very meaningful detail for me: 'om mane padme hum' in small letters on the rims of the wheels, now the wheels of my bike function as two modern praying wheels.

(copyright Mjos,