What did I take 

This is for the gearfreaks, the  gadgeteers and the packing-list-freaks amongst us:

the Bike: GaneSh 

A personalized bike: when i realised in spring-summer 2008 that i wanted to go and do this ride, i figured i needed a tad lighter bike than Bafana, my faithful BMW 1100 GS. Entrez the F800 GS, a bike the germans seemed to have built for this purpose. 

But after a highly colourful Bafana, i knew a wouldnt settle for an 'ordinary' 800-look. 

Inspired as i was by India, my sister came with the idea to name it GaneSh, after the happy hindugod, bearer of wisodm,  the remover of obstacles (also for travellers). I had lots of ideas but didnt seem to be able to translate them into a motorcycle, so i called in the help of B-art. 

He came up with the final design: a GaneSh image, consisting of all the names for GaneSh written in hindi, on the 'tank' (real tank is below saddle). An 'Ohm' sign on the sides: Ohm is the beginsound of all existence and affiliated specifically with GaneSh. The side panels covered with sari-print, like sari cloth laid over it. The name styled on the beak. And, a very meaningful detail for me: 'om mane padme hum' in small letters on the rims of the wheels, now the wheels of my bike function as two modern praying wheels.

Extra bike gear: 

- Crash bars  (wunderlich) 

- Screen low (ergo, wunderlich)

- Headlight protector (touratech)

- Bmw protector adventure (below engine)

- Protectors brakefluidthingies (touratech)

- Bmw handguards + spoiler

- handlebar risers (touratech): for me, ergonomically this is not the best bike bmw built (it rides like lightning though ;) )

- grip puppies: having lots of tingling in my hands on this bike, see if this helps

- Jesseluggage for 800 GS: thought hard and long about it since they are bit pricey, but they are doing so well up until now. They are rocksolid craftmanship. And not too wide, and hold up 90 L! 

- Aerostich tank panniers: i do not like ordinary tankbags (they get in the way with me: there is not a lot of space left between my arms while riding) so when i saw these at AdvRider  i went  for them and until now, they work great. Fit my camping stoves, gas, camera-at-hand and my 4 L waterbag (MSR-dromedary) plus some snack things.

- last minute but very welcome addition: Rotopax spare gascannister on the back (1Gallon= 3,6 liters)

- i mounted a tooltube  inside of my right jesse pannier, fits perfectly (contains tools)

still to do: extra foglights, lower steps (fastway)

- for this trip i mounted TKC80-tires, hope they last

Gadgets: (yes I know.. but..)

- Ipod 160 G for storage pics, and everlasting entertainments (videos, music etc)

- Iphone: essential connection home, plus some addictive games

- this MacBook 13", for presenting the world my experience and processing my photo's and video's and GPS stuff. Protected by a waterfield sleeve. 

- ContourHD helmet cam

- Garmin GPSmap 278

- SPOT-tracker

- for photography: Canon-stuff

for charging all this i made a battery thingie: made a cord with fuse and female cigarette lighter plug and mounted it beneath the saddle so i can charge stuff from there. For the macbook i use a converter. 

Camping gear (in yellow ortliebpack on the back) : REI-tent, Demmenie (dutch) sleepingbag, with inliner (last one handy for sleeping in huts/youth hostels etc), Exped mat, MSR whisperlite stove, little sweet pan with coffee mug inside


- clothes (it seems to me one doesnt really want to know about the sort and amount of  bras i take?). 

- other stuff:

LP travelguides: norway, finland, russia, mongolia, central asia + the phrasebooks 

Books: allowed myself 2 novels max: started with Collin Thubron and Sogyal Rinpoche

Thick journal for non-digital writing. 

(copyright Mjos, mjos@marjos.nl.)